10 Things A Traveller Should Do In 2019

There is always a unique chance of learning something new. Travelling is not just a pleasure, but it is also a great chance to get out of your box and interact with the world around you.

During my past trips, I did question the value of traveling and why we are visiting new places. Each time I get on a flight back home I start to take note of things I really wish to do in my future trips. Despite the researches of the top destinations in 2019 and the calculations of travel expenses and the best time to visit, I came up with a list of recommendations I believe they matter more.

1. Don’t act like an elite

Always try to get closer to the people and avoid them “locals.” Don’t assume that your culture is superior and try to learn more about other traditions. People are not stupid just because they don’t think as you do or because they can’t speak English.

2. Volunteer somewhere

There are several countries you can help by volunteering. Teach English in local schools, help with cultural project, volunteer with rural kids, etc. There are several places in this world could benefit from your skills and experiences and in return you’ll get a life experiences! There are several resources might help you, such as freevolunteering.netHow to Volunteer Abroad for Free.

3. Leave a good mark

Create something useful or come up with helpful initiatives. Don’t just visit the place and leave. Thought if you are staying for one day only, you can still come up with a useful idea to help the people of the place. Teach a kid how to use a camera or educate people about your home country or enjoy a cultural exchange on the road with strangers.

4. Write reviews

Help others who need to visit the place by writing about your experiences there. There are a lot of travellers who can build travel plans based on your review (Never under-estimate this). Don’t be lazy and write about what you learned. Write tips, recommended highlights, rate hotel’s services, best restaurants you’ve been to and the cost of transportation. Try to be exact and honest reviewer as much as you could.

5. Always try new things

Be up the adventure and try something new. Don’t be just one of those travels who visit touristic sights and enjoy shopping. Try new sport, play a local game, discover new hobby, learn a hand craft, attend local concert.. Go for something really new to add spices to your travel memories.

6. Forget about expectations

Keep your expectations in check. Don’t dream of paradise island or humbly tour and keep your expectations open for something new. Travelling could be sometimes tiring and you might face some of the unexpected troubles. Most of the places I never thought about were mainly the best places I have been to and the places I did wish to visit were sometimes totally disappointing. Yes, expectations are not as good as the sense of letting the adventure take place.

7. Enjoy the reality, not the social media virtual life

When you reach a very nice sight, try to spend quality time instead of grabbing your phone and taking a selfie. I know that posting pictures and check-ins are highly addictive but it is better to enjoy the place by your own real eyes and senses instead of getting “Wows and Likes” from your online followers.I carry my camera everywhere and I always like to take pictures of the amazing places I visit but lately I found out a good practices: Whenever I reach a place I spent at least 10 minutes enjoying the place before I let my camera clicks. This made me really enjoy the places and get the real sense of it. It is nice to impress others but I am the person who crossed thousands of miles to reach this extraordinary scene and I have to enjoy it well.

8. Disconnect your virtual ghost

Mobile phones and social media are not your best travel buddy. You don’t need to travel far away while you still diving into the local news of your country. Mobile phones are handy for taking pictures and researching destinations but try to limit your engagements with social media feeds and enjoy your travel times.

9. Make a challenge

Rediscover yourself and create a new challenge for yourself. Try to discover new limits and get back home with the sense of achievement. It doesn’t matter what you would choose as challenge or if you able to carry out it or not, what matters most is that you go further beyond..

10. Try being lost

You can do it. Just hit the road and try being lost for a while. I believe that being lost is one of the “must do” things while travelling.

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