3 Unique Adventures You Can Have Only In Bali

Before I travel to Bali, I was always wondering why people are touched by this holistic island? Bali is famous for its heavenly beaches and magnificent honeymooners resorts. The Indonesian island was always an attractive retreat for travelers, from its green paddy rice terraces to turquoise waters and colorful festivities. Once I arrived, I found out that Bali is much more than just a honeymoon resort, it is full of activities and unique adventures.

You’ll fall inlove with Bali before you know it. At every turn, you will find something unique raising your curiosity to go further. A great doze of adrenaline will rise, tempting things to do will shine, and your list of new experiences will expand amazingly.

Bali Adventures

There is a long list of adventures you can enjoy during your tip to Bali, but I wanted to start with the most exciting ones.

Crazy Bungee Jumping with Bike or Fireball Style

Bungee Jumping in Bali is really crazy! What I like about it that it has many different styles that are uniquely full of fun. You will keep wondering and wondering which bungee style to take “especially if it is your first bungee jump”. Jumping with a bike? Or the moto madness with a real motorbike? Or even a tandem jump with your partner? Too many interesting options but that’s not all. The most tempting one to me was the night jump, that’s when they will set you on fire before jumping off! They call it the fireball jump.

The 45m / 150ft tower by the beach offers a stunning view of bungee, especially during the sunset time. Bali’s Bungee Jumping is not as high as other spots around the world, but it is uniquely different with too many strange options and beautiful beach in the background of the picture.

Water Rafting in Paradise

I was not able to follow the rafting instructions during the 3 hours rafting adventure because I was very distracted. I wasn’t able to put my eyes down while surrounded by a paradise! Waterfalls falling from the sky, valley goes deep into hidden forests, strange birds signing above the high trees, sculptures of dragons and forbidden kingdom along the riversides… I was rafting in a fairy tale, a world of imagination.

White water rafting is an adrenaline experience while you float into a wild river, but in Bali this river is not like anywhere in the world. The scenery is unique and totally stunning.

I cannot forget the family man on our boat signing while paddling “together.. forever..”. He was adding a very strange flavor to the rafting even when the river was getting crazy. What a calm funny man!

Just remember one thing, when they say “Boom Boom”, all you have to do is to stand up ?

Finding the Art.. Knowing the Culture

I am an art junkie, when I ever travel to a new destination; I always have an essential question “Show me the local art, I tell you about the place”. Finding the art in any country will reveal to you the things you can’t find in travel books or beautiful pictures. The real side of the culture and people. Bali’s art is mind-blowing, it is real, beautiful and different. From the unique magnificent temples to the wooden crafts and Batik clothes, Bali’s art was a wonderful journey for me. I was never able to spot that much art in one place as I found in Bali.

Witnessing the village artists creating glorious art was truly reflecting the dignified beauty and culture of this island. At Ubud, the capital of art, you’ll discover that almost everyone is an artist. You can spend hours consuming a huge amount of beautiful colors, and creative lines. At every street market or temple, there is something amazing to look at and touch. Every piece of sculptures, handcrafts, wooden furniture, decoration, jewelry, and handmade Batik is full of artistic vision. Bali is a place where you can find true art and this is one of the best adventures you should encounter one day. If you love art, then Bali would fulfill you with unforgettable art journey.

Alot of people in Bali keeps their kites by the house front door, but they forget to get away of curious kids like me!

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