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I like to represent my ideas with something.  For a long time, I used to find writing is a tough task, and I lost (or so I thought at the time) many opportunities because I was lazy to write. The fact is, I wasn’t really lazy to write, I just had all those perfect ideas about how or what should whatever I am writing look like and be presented at the end.  Things like grammar, syntax, semantics, presentation of ideas, bla bla bla .. etc.

Now, I finally felt at ease to write when I started thinking differently about it and decided that I will express my opinion in whatever way I feel, even if it’s all full of typo’s, if I have money I can get some help from an editor and if not, I will just express, even in multi-languages, I decided not to mind anymore, hence finally I started to write.

But before deciding to express my ideas in writing, I encountered once a beautiful description of expressing your thoughts.  It was or he was my first year university professor, PH. D. Professor in Anthropology, that introduced me to this:

“If a painting could be presented linearly, there will be no need for art”

I had no respect for art before I came across this beautiful quote.  Thanks Professor I think his name was Dr. Peterson.

So before writing I used to try to express my feeling through theatre, before this concept I would only perform, i.e. participate in theatrical performances as an actor.  But after being introduced to the above beautiful concept I had the guts to direct three theatrical pieces.  Well that’s now the point here not is it what I intended to express while I am writing now.

The point is, I used to express my ideas, concepts and deep thoughts (well they are deep to me) through trips.  Through travel.  Why, well it’s a long story on how things came to be, but I like to believe that it was meant to be and also that that’s how I wanted to express.  Put yourself in my shoes, how important is a trip to you.  Many reading this blog/article/piece would say a trip is very important, come on you are a reader of a travel blog.

First, let’s reconsider and rephrase the question.

How vital/necessary is it to you to travel?

Well you all might have different answers, that I would love to hear about them. My answer is easy for me to first comprehend, second to live with.  It’s not vital or in other words, it’s less vital than medicine or food or shelter.  Also less necessary than education.  Yet you can live without travel, am not talking about quality of living, am referring to survival, something i try to teach travels via experience to people who join my trips.  I can say this now “HUMANS CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT TRAVEL”.  If that is so, well …

It’s easier to express my thoughts/ideas/concepts via a tool that is not necessary for people to live.  Cause if you express your thoughts in medicine, you are being harsh on implementing whatever you think is a thought.

Yes, the above might sound very ambiguous. Maybe an example could become handy now. Let’s consider this scenario.

A New Concept

“I believe that people should only own what they need, sometimes what they want and they should avoid owning because they can.”

Now that is a concept I try to spread, I want to express it and tell others about it.  If they know it, then maybe a gentle reminder would never be harmful.

How to express?

Write a blog.  Work as a teacher & talk to people.  Produce an art piece.  Organize and design a trip…

Into a comparison

  • If the thought was expressed via writing: then only those who decided to read would know about it.
  • If the thought was expressed via teaching and through an academic education.  It’s perfect, but then it takes a very formal ambience and hence maybe it does not become very appealing to the students/audience.  Could actually be treated like a chemical equation or calculus.
  • Art is great, but not necessarily engaging to the audience apart from perception, or maybe I don’t have a strong comprehension of art.

Trips: Well, it’s usually a fun thing, and while on it, you are on a fun mood.  If you learn to be simplistic because you will end up carrying all your belongings and hike up a mountain.  You really want to make sure that you are not missing something essential (need) nor are you carrying an un-necessary item (want) and you rarely own anything during the hike just because you think at the beginning of your trek you can just carry it.

The above might not be the best example, anything against other methods of presenting ideas. It’s just that I find trips to be:
1) My Job “so I had to do something about that”
2) Easy exit “if you don’t like what’s going on, you can more easily decide to ditch the trip, while ditching class is not always the easiest option ;)”

Well, here I am writing with no rules, writing what’s on my mind, documenting my ideas, experiences and those concepts that move me and  I hope you enjoy!

Please leave a comment if you stumble against any of the blogs on this page.  Would be happy to hear from you. You can also reach at yehia@holidaytours.one.

The above was expressed in words, while at B&B Hotel 5.6 kms away from Munich International Airport, no Internet, just a laptop with a full battery, computer on power saving mode while am on travel mode.

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