Writing About Writing And Occasionally Some Travel

I like to represent my ideas with something.  For a long time, I used to find writing is a tough task, and I lost (or so I thought at the time) many opportunities because I was lazy to write. The fact is, I wasn’t really lazy to write, I just had all those perfect ideas […]

Yehia El Decken Wadi Degla

Traveling to find Home

Don’t’ we all have this strong sense of belonging, to a place, to a group of people or to an idea? I started to feel it more during university time, and maybe it was because of the university theatre group, or the social clubs, maybe the activities, lifestyle or other purposes. With time and while […]

10 Things A Traveller Should Do In 2019

There is always a unique chance of learning something new. Travelling is not just a pleasure, but it is also a great chance to get out of your box and interact with the world around you. During my past trips, I did question the value of traveling and why we are visiting new places. Each […]

When is the best time to visit Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt is during Nothern Hemisphere autumn, widely known as fall season.  The period including October, November and December enjoys the best weather throughout the year in Egypt.  Best weather in terms of heat, it is usually around 23 to 27 degrees Celsius in the morning and 15 to 21 degrees […]

Yasser Ahmad

Egyptian Traveler Guide: Top Tips For The First Time Travel

What young people in Egypt do after they finish their degree and made their family proud and blah blah? Umm, they wait for the right job and then marriage. A long journey of waiting is about to start! Some people try to kill the waiting time by roaming at malls, browsing Facebook, daydreaming, gym, ordering […]

3 Unique Adventures You Can Have Only In Bali

Before I travel to Bali, I was always wondering why people are touched by this holistic island? Bali is famous for its heavenly beaches and magnificent honeymooners resorts. The Indonesian island was always an attractive retreat for travelers, from its green paddy rice terraces to turquoise waters and colorful festivities. Once I arrived, I found […]

From Cairo To Bali To Discover The Real Meaning Of Cafes

I cannot write at home and that’s becoming a real cruse. Wondering around the occupied cafes of Cairo city, looking for a peaceful and cozy place is not a quite nice experience anymore. When I arrived Bali for the first time, I discovered the real meaning of cafe. If you wonder what it is? I […]