From Cairo To Bali To Discover The Real Meaning Of Cafes

I cannot write at home and that’s becoming a real cruse. Wondering around the occupied cafes of Cairo city, looking for a peaceful and cozy place is not a quite nice experience anymore.

When I arrived Bali for the first time, I discovered the real meaning of cafe. If you wonder what it is? I can describe it for you in one single statement “A place with its own unique culture”. I don’t mean with culture here the traditions or customs or so.. I mean the place has its own real identity created out of a vision.

I wouldn’t get in the hassle of how Egyptian cafes are just copies of each other, or how the place still looks fake no matter how the owners tries, or the Ikea stuff that typically planted.. Let me take you to Bali, that’s where I discovered the real cafes.

Add to that: The Javanese coffee at Bali is amazingly aromatic and sweet. If you wonder about tea, food, cheese cake… You’ll become a real foodie before you even notice.

At Bali Searching For the cafes

Sitting there at your own quiet little corner where you can watch the world go by.. uhh! Once you arrive the magical island of Bali, you will be surprised with this amount of unique cafes that offer amazing architecture, cozy corners and beautiful style. You can spend the time with your book and coffee or just play the Egyptian habit of people-watch. If you are honeymooners, you’ll find the most romantic tables and views to write a new page of memories deep into your heart.
I wouldn’t be cheap and I will try to provide you with some beautiful cafes to visit. here we go:

1. Café Bali – The Romantic Moments

We stood there for almost half an hour looking for a table. Speaking of myself, I couldn’t resist the place. The extremely romantic and fabulously vintaged place is so tempting to let go. We enjoyed a great dinner of strange and colorful dishes. If you are honeymooners I am sure you will enjoy great memories there.

Café Bali located at Seminyak main street.

2. The Bistrot: The Vintage

You’ll just feel as if you are into an old book. Dip in the vintage ambiance as if you entered Chicago or New York at the time of classics. I felt for a moment that I would am actually waiting for Audrey Hepporn on a date ?
Don’t just judge the place with the wooden board on the street outside. As soon as you step in, the place will give you a pleasant surprise. The café is owned by a Moroccan-Belgian couple staying in Bali. The bricks walls, old antiques hanging on the walls and lovely menus on blackboards, the place is just an adorable place to visit at Bali.

3. La Favela: The creativity wonder

Sneak in between the alleys to find this hidden place. The best reward for the traveler is to find such place. Althought. cafes are not a nature sightseeing thing, but yet it is something that travelers enjoy to visit and spend a short break. A simple sign on the street will lead you to this amazing place. It is a mixture of colonial design, rainforests, and vintage items.  I loved the antiques hanging on the trees outside and the old Volkswagen. Inside it was a calm and peaceful spot for sitting, thinking and taking yourself into another level of travel experience. How people could come up with creating such beautiful places?  typewriters and old bikes mixed with plants growing everywhere as if this place was there before nature took over. Ugh!!! What is wrong in Egypt? Why we don’t have such creative ideas made out of simple things?

La Favela is located at Seminyak Denpasar

4. Pomegranate: Tea and food with view

Bali is not only for beach lovers, the island has its own wonderful la la land of rice terraces. Pomegranate owned by two Japanese brothers who came up with this beautiful idea. With a panoramic view of Ubud’s fields you can enjoy your time doing nothing but relaxing and watching the two famous mountains, Agung and Batur.


Pomegranate located at Jl Subak Sok Wayah, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

5. Revolver espresso: The right doze

I love espresso! Or you can even consider me a big whale that lives on espresso. I can even make a happy fountain out of my head after the first shot. It is lovely to find a cafe is created around the idea of espresso. I won’t explain why! It just feels right, you know! Espresso is a small shot comes in a small cup with the little tiny spoon. What if the chairs are cute and small too? simple tables? brown sugar in the jars that gives harmony?

Revolver espresso is located at  Seminyak, Bali

6. The Junction: Seminyak Icon

When you arrive to Seminyak square, you wouldn’t miss this big wooden structure at the gate of the lively shopping district. Beautifully designed from outside and inside by Nobuyuki Narabayashi. The design is created to breath the humid away. It is something that reminds me of the old houses in Ras El Bar when people used to build houses with natural material to keep the place cool from inside. See! there is also cool ways to avoid the artificial AC’s air.
Spices, sand, stones – collected into glass jars is one of the things that I like about Indonesian cafes.

The Junction Seminyak is located at Seminyak square.

Finally, I truly believe that even coffee shops in Bali are something you should book a ticket and travel to. Traveling is not about natural wonders, it could be also a cup of coffee at a very nice place with travelers from all around the world speaking in different 10 languages and enjoying their time. From Cairo to Bali, I learned the difference between Cafes!

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