10 Things A Traveller Should Do In 2019

There is always a unique chance of learning something new. Travelling is not just a pleasure, but it is also a great chance to get out of your box and interact with the world around you. During my past trips, I did question the value of traveling and why we are visiting new places. Each […]

Yasser Ahmad

Egyptian Traveler Guide: Top Tips For The First Time Travel

What young people in Egypt do after they finish their degree and made their family proud and blah blah? Umm, they wait for the right job and then marriage. A long journey of waiting is about to start! Some people try to kill the waiting time by roaming at malls, browsing Facebook, daydreaming, gym, ordering […]

Kuala Lumpur Holiday Tours

Why I Love Kuala Lumpur – Truly Asian Story

It is really strange for me to like a city. My travel schedule for any city could be shorter than a day and a half then I’ll have hit the road. My relation with cities is just like a complicated relationship that no one wants to talk about. At cities, I always try to spot […]

How To Discover The Traveler Inside You

Have you been nowhere? And surprisingly you were just fine with that idea: “Being nowhere”! The hidden fact behind traveling A lot of people consider traveling as just a vacation. Jumping on a bus or airplane and heading to some other places. Keep counting the check-ins, the cities, and the photos but that’s not traveling […]