How To Discover The Traveler Inside You

Have you been nowhere? And surprisingly you were just fine with that idea: “Being nowhere”!

The hidden fact behind traveling

A lot of people consider traveling as just a vacation. Jumping on a bus or airplane and heading to some other places. Keep counting the check-ins, the cities, and the photos but that’s not traveling yet. Traveling is never about the place you get into or even out of it, it is all about the traveler!

The person inside you is the big luggage you can never get rid of and it will keep moving on with you to the end of the world. You are the journey that moves into other journeys. It is a multitude thing you need to feel it well then take it beyond.

Starting with the “nowhere” status I discovered the traveler inside me. As a child, I developed a great skill in heading to nowhere. My skill was a major issue to my family they could never understand. Their investigation didn’t lead them anywhere since I never had an answer or explanation. Eventually, my grandfather had a good explanation: “He is just an explorer”. That was the first time to learn this word and have that shining thought about it which I still not fully configured till now J

Are you a traveler?

There are several ways to discover the traveler inside you. Exceed some more of your boundaries:

You constantly collect destinations

Maybe you have no travel plans any soon, maybe you don’t have even any money but you still can’t help it. You are up at night browsing the images and information about faraway destinations and you keep telling yourself I would go there one day. You are now with a long list of strange and far places and you don’t know how in the hell you’ll go there? Tibet, Iceland, Alaska, Maldives… You keep browsing pictures and your list is growing and growing.

What’s over there?

Have you been with a group of friends hanging around and you decided to change the route and explore a new one? Have you been gazing at some road and couldn’t help yourself not to walk in? Have you been eager to try some food at the Chinese restaurant and totally open to pick a random dish while you have no idea what that is? “Tom Yam”?

Congratulation, you are not afraid of the unknown. You have the spirit and the mindset of the traveler. Travelers like to explore new places, cities, foods and cultures while meeting new people and making friends along the way. More than that, travelers are also ready to challenge themselves in new ways everyday.

It is not for a reason

I often hear people talking about reasons for travel like: “I have a friend over there I will be visiting”, “I have 2 weeks vacation and I need some change”. Give me a break! Those are not real travelers. Real travelers are crazy and have a free spirit.

“I want to set free”, “I am going to explore east Europe”, “It is my dream to visit Paris”, that’s the type of words you use to describe your passion for the trip. You are thinking of traveling as a passion you need to feed. You don’t need a reason to go on the road to places you never been to. It doesn’t matter for you to explain to people why you are visiting these faraway places.

You might still struggle and wondering about your budget and where to go first. Forget all this bullsh*t and go for a random walk. Don’t worry, one day the traveler deep inside you will take you far. All the travelers had that hit that comes all the sudden and bingo… They are on the road.

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