The New Year Hike – Mount Rinjani

Exploring Bali and 3 Days hike at Mount Rinjani. Our group celebrated the New Year’s evening camping on one of the most glorious volcano in the south East Asia.

The New Year Hike, as we always promised on top of a high mountain peak. It’s a yearly tradition for hike lovers to offer them an opportunity to party on top. We got high –legally- witnessing the sun rising on 2016 from a high mountain peak, celebrating with nature. The hike path from the peaceful village of Senaru up into the tropical forest with magnificent nature. Heading up to the Savannah to watch the stunning carter rim lake (almost 2000m above sea level, fish swimming above the clouds) and also to witness the active volcano, free fire works.


Join us during the Spring Break and Explore Bali or join one of our upcoming trips.

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