When is the best time to visit Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt is during Nothern Hemisphere autumn, widely known as fall season.  The period including October, November and December enjoys the best weather throughout the year in Egypt.  Best weather in terms of heat, it is usually around 23 to 27 degrees Celsius in the morning and 15 to 21 degrees Celsius at night. Also the weather is stable, no rain is expected and no storms expected.

Egypt is blessed with a large collection of historical monumental sites as well as natural parks.  All in the outdoors.  Hence to get the most out of Egypt, prepare your mind set to be visiting an outdoor museum.  Both historical sites and natural parks are not necessarily well equipped to protect visitor from weather conditions.  Weather conditions are not extreme all year long, yet summer morning temperature could get a little high and spring is usually windy.  Wind is fun but dusty winds could be a bit challenging to enjoy the outdoors.  So we would list the best seasons to visit Egypt in order as follows:

  • Fall.
  • Winter.
  • Spring..
  • Summer

Pro and Cons of every season:
Fall Season is by far the best time to visit Egypt.  Maybe not the geographical fall from 21st of September to 21st of December, as weather has been changing globally making it harder to expect the coming years.  But for the past 3 years starting mid October, November & December the weather has proved to be at its best and quite sustainable.  Also 2nd half of November and first half of December are low season in most travel destinations inside Egypt, so not only would the weather be great, but also the prices will be cheaper and with the start of the academic year the locals are also busy and the resort cities stay less occupied.  For Kite Surfers the wind could still be good and for divers the water is not cold yet.

Winter Season would come as the second best time to visit Egypt.  The mornings are just amazing with temperature ranging between 18 to 25 degrees Celcisus perfect to enjoy all what Egypt has to offer. The only drawback is that the nights in desert and beach locations could get a bit too cold and unbearably cold on top of high mountains (Mount Catherine dawn temperature could reach below -4 degrees Celsius).   If you are visiting big cities or cities by the Nile then night weather is expected to be good.  Also during Xmas and New Year periods is the most crowded tourist season all year round, hence prices reach their peak.  Most hotels offer a mandatory Gala Dinner at New Year’s Eve, adding up to the accommodation prices.  The best of the best is you can actually go for a swim in winter.  The beaches and the water are good enough for a natural submergence into the sea.

Spring Season would be the third best season to visit Egypt.  Weather is changing in the last few years, some parts of April and May could have a great weather to enjoy all what Egypt has to offer, but there is not guarantee.  There are two major drawbacks to visit Egypt during Spring.  First, Easter Holiday is a high season following holidays in major Egyptian and European cities.  Also Egypt faces a 50 day wind, name “Khamaseen” which is an Arabic word for 50.  The wind is strong and could be a sand storm over multiple days.  It is not like the movies, you do not get to see a giant sand wave running after you.  But the cities could easily get covered with dust and the temperature raises rapidly and it gets harder to see.

Summer Season.  We do not advise that you visit Egypt in the summer, unless you are willing to head to the open desert and stay in the shade away from direct sunlight during midday.

Weather in Egypt is acceptable for visits all year except for Northern Hemisphere summer.  Where the morning temperature rising up to 42 degrees Celsius and on days with no breeze could be a bit suffocating.

Have you visited Egypt before.  Which season of the year did you visit.

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