Your Guide to Siwa Oasis

After a long night ride, you have reached the green paradise of Siwa. You checked in to your hotel, had a refreshing bath, and had a delicious meal. Now!! What to see?!!
Well my friend, as you have heard and read, you are in for a real treat!! There are a lot of sightseeing in Siwa waiting for you;

– “Shali” Fortress: Nearly 3000 years ago, Siwian built it using “Kershef” a mix of salt & local clay, and they called “Shali” which means “The City” in Siwi. You can still see the standing ruins, a functioning mosque, and the second best sunrise view in Siwa on the top.

– Siwa Salt Lake: You can cycle or hike to reach it. First you shall pass by “Fatna’s” spring, then you shall find “Imran’s” olive garden, you follow the path through the garden till you reach the lake. Just sit there to chill, facing the lake and enjoy the most amazing sunset in siwa, while drinking a fresh juice.

– Oracle Temple: “Herodotus” claimed it the second oldest temple in history. It was built as a monastery for the higher monks of “Ammoun”. It gained its name as of its famous prophesies that changed the fate of many historical icons, such as Queen Cleopatra and Alexander the great.

– Aghurmi Village: The disappearing ruins of the “Aghumi’s” village, they are the early inhabitants of the Oasis. They lived in this village until the “Shali” fortress was built.

– Temple of “Um Ubayed”: Originally called temple of “Ammoun”, it was built for the commoners to worship “Ammoun”. You can see some inscriptions under the fallen rocks maintaining its colors.

– Cleopatra’s Bath: You can have a nice fresh dip in a natural deep pool in the middle of the road!! Also you can find some nice restaurant and coffee-shops, where you can drink fresh juices and herb drinks.

– Gebel El Mawta “Graeco – Roman tombs”: The name says all, mountain of the dead. The sum of different cultures burial cave chambers, forming one of the oldest grave yards to see, and scary tales to hear!!

– Gebel El Dakrour: Every October, in the foothill of the “Dakrour” mountain, all Siwians are gathered to celebrate “Siahey” season, where they pray and sing, to thank God for the harvest. It’s a very old tradition, related to the story of the early Siwians.

– Traditional Siwa house Museum: An old two floor ruin, restored by germane archaeologists to mimic the daily traditional life style of a typical Siwian house. You shall find old customs, silver accessories, artifacts, as well as traditional households.

– The Great Sand Sea: the second largest desert in the world, laying on west of “Egypt” and east of “Libya”, forming 72,000 Km2 of sand dunes. It’s bigger than the size of “Ireland Republic”, as well as “Switzerland” and “Belgium” both combined!!!

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